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The valley of “Vinschgau/Val Venosta” – A natural paradise waiting to be discovered


The paths along the irrigations channel

Irrigation channel hiking trip – for relaxation and charging your batteries

What could be more beautiful than to walk along the paths of the irrigation channels, through forests and groves, through bushes and orchards – all of which can be found on the slopes of the Vinschgau region. You will be accompanied by the happy murmuring of streams and enjoy panoramic views of the magnificent mountain world of the Vinschgau, with its valleys and snow-covered glaciers. The irrigation channels are ancient watering systems, which were dug out many centuries ago in order to water the fields of the extremely dry ground of the Vinschgau area. The Vinschgau is the valley with the least rainfall in the entire Alpine region. The so-called “Waaler” supervises the path and organises the relevant amount of water given to the individual farmers. Along the irrigation channels there is a narrow road, which enables the “Waaler” to control the flow of the water. The “Waalschelle” is a bell, connected to a water wheel, which allows the “Waaler” to hear, whether there is water flowing or not. There are still some “Waalschellen” in use today.

Rigth above our guesthouse Pardell you will find amazing wander paths along the irrigation channels:

  • Schnalser Waalweg to Juval Castle or into the Schnals valley
  • Stabener Waalweg to Staben or Juval Castle (round tour possible)
  • Latschanderwaalweg to Kastelbell and Latsch

Additionaly you will find in the close surrounding of Vinschgau or around Merano many other enchanting wander paths (Algunder Waalweg, Marlinger Waalweg, etc.) which you may explore.


“Up the ladder you will have the best view.” The Ortler Massif will entice you with its 3.000 and 4.000 m peaks and give you special high-altitude euphoria. But it’s not only extreme climbing tours which will lead you to this destination! From hut to hut, there are numerous panoramic high-altitude paths worth taking. Sometimes, the path itself can be the destination: varied hiking trips across high plateaus, Alpine greens and meadows let you experience the fascinating, magic mountain world more intensively! Commune with the gurgling water: many scenic and beautiful paths along the irrigation channels can be found in the Vinschgau.




Vinschgau valley – the bicycle arena A marked cycle network of 100 miles awaits you in the Vinschgau area. From demanding to easy and from asphalt surfaces to gravel roads: the cycle tracks lead you through beautiful forests, green meadows and through the orchards of the Lower Vinschgau (worth seeing particularly in Spring – April and May – during the blossom season), along the River Etsch into the Valley. Along the bicycle path, you will find numerous places of interest and restaurants to have a quick bite to eat. There are also several BBQ places along the road. One of the most beautiful cycle tracks is the Etsch cycle path, which leads from the Reschen Pass through the Vinschgau to Lake Garda. The small asphalted cycle paths guide you through wonderful orchards, passing places of interest and good accommodation. Bikes are up to your disposal for free (please advise in time).



You like swimming? There are many nice places to go.

  • Outdoor swimming pool Kastelbell-Tschars: beautiful and quiet pool immersed in the middle of the nature with children’s pool and slide as well as a big swimmers pool and committing green lawn with many shady spots
  • Swimming pool Naturns: big indoor and outdoor pool, as well as sauna area. There are no desires left.
  • Indoor pool Latsch: with big sauna area, beautiful and modern style, hour tickets, with nice lawn in the summer
  • Therme Meran

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